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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Dr. Craig Johnson

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Dr. John Choi

Third Committee Member

Professor Pringle


Dematic’s new model of conveyor is called the 9570 unit and is a highspeed live roller conveyor. This new model is designed to transport packages while maintaining a high speed of at least 3 m/s. While this new unit was being tested at the Dematic Tech center, it was discovered that when small and light weight packages get diverted onto the unit, they experience turbulence which causes the packages to spin or flip over. Orientation of packages on conveyor is extremely important for scanning purposes. In order to fix this problem, the problem first had to be replicated. A piece of the 9570 unit was sent to Central Washington University (CWU) to be reconstructed and manipulated. Once the conveyor was assembled, initial testing was done to recreate the same problem. After the problem was replicated, different variables were manipulated in order to determine how they affect the turbulence of packages. These variables included, changing the diverting location onto the conveyor or changing the speed the packages are diverted onto the conveyor. The testing concluded that in order to decrease the turbulence of small packages when being diverted onto the 9570, the diverting speed needs to be adjusted so that the packages are coming into contact with the rollers at a higher speed that what the unit is running at.