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Spring 2020


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Dr. Craig Johnson

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Professor Roger Beardsley

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Professor Charles Pringle


Pollution is one of the major issues in the country. Most of the power generation systems contribute some percentage in pollution. Therefore, coming up with a solution that has little or no environmental impacts is the best way. One of the significant goals in the research community is getting the energy generating systems that are non-pollutant. The paper is a paper gives a step by step procedure of constructing a speed bump power generator using available resources.

The analysis was done to design the device and help choose and manufacturing the parts. For instance, spring constant formula was used in order to choose the correct spring. Manufacturing had cutting, drilling, and bending. Most of the parts needed to be attached together to give stability and function properly. In, addition, one of the testing method that was used was to plug in a multimeter to check the generating of electricity. The other method was to test the function of the complete device by applying weight on the top plate.

After construction of the design, the power produced was measured by use of digital voltmeter to measure the voltage. The system is able to produce 12V consistently. Stepping up the power generator can help in increasing the amount of power generated for commercial use. The power generated can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. The speed bump power generator only work effectively where there is regular movement of vehicles.

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