Project Title

Flexor Casting

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Craig Johnson

Second Committee Member

Charles Pringle

Third Committee Member

John Choi


Abstract: Strain gauge bases (Flexors) are scarce in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Flexors are used for MET lab classes to collect and analyze data so it is important for there to be more Flexors available. In order to acquire more, resources are available on campus such as the foundry and the machine shop in order to support the manufacturing of more Flexors in-house at a much lower cost. By creating a pattern that can be used numerous times in a foundry, not only will there be an opportunity to make more castings for students to use, there will not be a financial burden on the MET department in the production of more Flexors. The first step to this project included redesigning an existing Flexor to be compatible with the foundry. This included making many dimensional calculations to the pattern such as how wide and long the runner should be or the shrinkage rate of the Flexor after being poured. The next step was to manufacture these designs to a matchplate board in order complete the pattern. This involved manufacturing the designs into 3D models using ABS. Once the prints were complete, the assembly to the matchplate was then able to take place. With the pattern accommodating two Flexors at a time in production, pattern will then be able to be used in the foundry on campus to produce a dozen Flexors to support the MET lab needs.