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Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Mechanical Footstep Power generator

By Author: Mohammed Aljohani


Modern technology is focusing on newer and better sources of energy. Among the important areas are power generation methods since electricity has become part of our lives. Various researchers have conducted surveys to find out the feasibility of converting renewable kinetic energy into electricity. Some of the works done in the past emphasized the selection of suitable materials and power generation systems designs that appear complicated and expensive. To ensure there is cost efficiency and energy efficiency better power generation systems need to be embraced.

The footstep power generator is a system that utilizes the energy from people movement and transforms this movement into electricity. The system is efficient in the conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy through placement of mechanical footstep power generator on the hind of footpaths. This project entails the conversion of the kinetic energy to electrical energy. The control mechanism carries the rack & pinion, D.C generator, battery and inverter control. The generator provides a simple and low-cost electricity production.

The mechanical footstep generator produces 1.56 kW for one down and up cycle without causing pollution which is an added advantage over other systems. Mechanical footstep power generator produces power on small scale therefore; the power generated applies to low power consuming gadgets. For instance, it can be used in lighting and running low power consuming devices.

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