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Spring 2016


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Charles Pringle

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Ted Bramble

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Dr. Craig Johnson

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Professor Roger Beardsley


Title and Author: 1/10th Scale Multiple Apple Box Lift by Kyle Burlingame (Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction) Abstract/Artist statement: A 1/10th scale Multiple Apple Box Lift was designed and built as a proof of concept for a full scale device. The Multiple Apple Box Lift was designed to meet a customer’s requirements and to be presented at SOURCE. This device lifts the top half of the stacked apple boxes on a pallet in order to allow access to the boxes in the middle of the stack. The device can be manually operated by two people while in-between narrow rows of pallets. The scale model performs all the same functions the full sized model would have. The scale model was primarily fabricated from 3D printed ABS parts and some Lego® parts. Some, minor parts were made from metals using drills, grinders, and a milling machine. Key parts such as the lever arms and frame of this device were designed and optimized based on using both general stress analysis and finite element analysis software. Once the device was complete, it showed that the design worked successfully at a 1/10th scale and would most likely operate similarly at a full scale. After showing the device to the customer they decided to place the designs and drawings in their engineering archive because they liked the concept of the design and it may be built in the future. Keywords: Rapid Prototyping, Scale Model, Linear Motion


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