Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2022

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Craig Johnson

Second Committee Member

Roger Beardsley

Third Committee Member

Charles Pringle


The ASME RC Baja Challenge is an annual competition that the Central Washington University Mechanical Engineering and Technology (MET) department takes part in. Senior level engineers divided the work between the drivetrain and the chassis/suspension while designing and manufacturing to meet a set of requirements. Next, a device was to be developed to be able to withstand the extreme forces to be successful in the competition at the end of the year. The process would require that the students use their acquired knowledge and skills to design, manufacture, and analyze a capable device. Designing involved the completion of 12 analyses to create parts capable of withstanding the set of requirements. Stress and shear analyses were conducted on all suspension components. Spring force was determined to find the necessary spring rate. From the analyses, various parts were either 3D printed or machined to construct the sub-assemblies making up the chassis and suspension. The manufacturing of the cantilever suspension involved the machining of the rocker arms while the rest of the suspension components were 3D printed out of PLA. The sub-assemblies were then mated together to create a functioning device. The outputs of these analyses allowed the parts designed for the suspension to support the chassis and its components with two inches of ground clearance. The suspension compression was 10% more than the 1.5 inches predicted in the 2-foot drop test. The manufacturing and overall assembly of the device completed the goal of a capable device for the competition.


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