Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2023

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Dr. John Choi

Second Committee Member

Charles Pringle, PE

Third Committee Member

Mr. Chris Berkshire


Engineering students attending Central Washington University were tasked with developing and creating a functional RC car. This car would then compete in a state-wide competition while being developed over the course of three quarters with the competition being held in the spring. This was completed in teams of two that were assigned two of the four sections within this project who then independently designed and developed each section. This was broken down into having one teammate in charge of the drivetrain and chassis and having the other teammate working on the suspension and steering sections of the vehicle. Each section required several design analyses to ensure the vehicle was both functional and operable within the requirements set by each team member. The expected outcome of this project tested both students’ ability to think critically in a team setting, as well as test their engineering knowledge and their ability to design and plan out each independent section of the car. The outcome of this project accomplished the requirements set which accumulated with the engineering team completing all sections of the RC Baja car. This was aided by the design and testing phase, which saw that the vehicle would perform within the parameters set by the engineering team. For example, the vehicle was found to be able to withstand drops 100% higher than the two-foot drop requirement. This also allowed the team to compete in the RC Baja competition where they completed each course of the race and represented CWU’s engineering degree.