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Spring 2016


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Charles Pringle

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Roger Beardsley

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Dr. Craig Johnson


Title and Author: Agriculture sprayer hydraulic boom upgrade by Chad Omlin (engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction)

Abstract: Today’s agriculture industry is all about being the most efficient with your time, land, employees, and machinery. One thing that has made farming more efficient has been the use of hydraulics. Having a sprayer unit with manual booms is not being efficient with your time and/or employees. To make the sprayer unit more efficient, hydraulic cylinders were added. Sketched solutions were analyzed using statics and mechanics of materials principles. Drawings were completed for the successful analysis solutions. Solid works software was used to ensure fits and articulation. The prototype was then built, and is now in the testing state. This device was designed to run seventy-five percent faster when folding the booms in or out versus manually folding the booms. Test results conclude that the device will run far more than seventy-five percent faster, but for safety reason has been slowed down to no more than seventy-five percent. Spraying road ways use to take 1.5 hours now only takes 1 hour because of the hydraulic booms. This intern saves the farmer money by not having to pay the operator for more hours, and it reduces the hours put on the machine. This hydraulic boom upgrade will be very beneficial to any farmer looking to be more efficient with their sprayer, employees, and equipment.

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