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Date of Degree Completion

Fall 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Charles Pringle

Second Committee Member

Matthew Burvee

Third Committee Member

Ted Bramble


The purpose of this report is to build a device that can be installed to the hydraulic lifting cart to help students work easily on the CNC machine. The main point of the proposal is to design a device that can carry, load, and unload the Kurt vise, which weighs over 80 lb., to the CNC machine table and to the storage area within fifteen minutes during lab time. The methodology of the report focuses on the safety and easy performance for students working in the machine shop. Safety is the main concern in the design of this project, because the device works with heavy, unwieldy loads in a high risk area. From the result of testing the device, the device is balanced and performs excellently with CNC vises of multiple sizes and shapes. The device is also being tested on the AutoCAD Simulation Mechanical program to qualify the safety before the devices is used in the lab. The main issue of the device during manufacturing and performance is that the device is heavy, even though the model was re-designed three times to make the device more efficient. Due to the safety factor of the design, the device is required to be built with steel A36 square tubes (3 x 3 in.) with a 0.25 in. thickness. Additionally, two machinists are required to operate the device safely while loading and unloading the vise to the CNC machine table.