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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Dr. Johnson

Second Committee Member

Mr. Pringle

Third Committee Member

Mr. Beardsley


This project comes from a need to have tensile specimens made for the MET 351, Metallurgy/Materials and Processes, and 426, Applied Strengths of Materials, labs. This punch is designed to be used with an arbor press to create the desired tensile specimen shape out of plastic blanks. The initial concept was suggested by Dr. Craig Johnson. The designs went through many changes, for example getting rid of the sides originally proposed to hold the specimen in place, and modifications to other parts to make them more efficient. Additional parts were also added to the design with the help and advice of Dr. Johnson and Matt Burvee, like the idea for the box used to support the punch. All of the different pieces needed were then created and constructed here on CWU campus. Resources here on campus also provided the materials to make this completed project. Testing was the next step in the process to further refine the design of the punch. Multiple test cuts were used to get a base for the progress. After adjustments were made to the punch the finished product was complete and ready for use. The punch could repeatedly create tensile specimens with minimal time and effort applied from the operator.