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Fall 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Having the ability to change a dining table between a sitting and standing position is a niche feature. This feature was created for people that play board games regularly at a table, or for people who require use of a dining table as a standing work area. The mechanism that the table works by is using an acme threaded rod as a lead screw, with two timing belt pullies driving the shafts up and down which cause the raising and lowering of the table. These pullies were machined to incorporate an ACME threaded bolt which was welded into each pully. Due to the lead angle on the acme shafts they are self-locking which means that there does not need to be a secondary holding mechanism to prevent the table from falling once it is raised. It was designed to hold a 600 pound distributed load across the surface of the chassis with a designated factor of safety of 1.3, which through nondestructive testing the chassis was able to support. The result is a table which can be used as a normal sit down dining table, with as little interference to comfort as possible, and can then be raised up a total of 2 feet to become a standing work table.