Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Charles Pringle


H.F. Hauff is a company based out of Yakima which specializes in farming equipment. One of their products is a trailer which has a wind machine attached to it. In order to keep the fan’s thrust from tipping the trailer over, the trailer needs outriggers to extend out. The outriggers also serve as a way to level out the trailer in uneven surfaces. The outriggers are what needed to be designed. This portion of the project was the vertical arm which extends from the horizontal arm, and goes towards the ground to raise the trailer. The project consisted of three stages. The first stage was to design the vertical arm. The design consisted of three segments of square tubing which all fit within each other. The actuation mechanism was to be cable, as opposed to hydraulic in order to reduce cost. The design was made on SolidWorks and drawings were generated. The second stage was the construction of the device. Since the design was a new design, it was constructed out of plastic as a proof of concept. The third stage was to test the device. Because the device was constructed simply as a proof that the design would function, it would not support a load. What could be tested was the actual extension and compacting sizes. This would demonstrate whether the arm could level out the trailer in the required grade of slope.