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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Ethan Bergman


The idea for the following project came from the Lean Manufacturing class that is offered at Central Washington University. In this class the manufacturing processes is demonstrated through the production of guitar kits. A problem with the class is that the CNC machine gets backed up causing a bottleneck in the production line. The solution to this problem was to make a pin router duplicator. A pin router duplicator is a device that allows the operator to trace a finished part with a pin while a router mimics its movements, cutting a new part. The component that is looked into for this report is the base. The base allows for movement in the x and y-axis and the ability to hold the head unit. The main requirement for this project were limiting the amount of deflection in the shafts to maintain a part tolerances of 5 thousandths and a repeatability of 2 thousandths. To achieve these requirements, linear bearings and precision shafting were to be used. However, due to cost restraints, a prototype design had to be substituted. The design ended up going to smaller diameter shafts with a rougher surface finish, and substituted bearings for plastic sliders. This changed the testing to be comparing a calculated amount of deflection, to an actual measured amount of deflection on a shaft. Through this testing, it could be seen that the device would function the way that was predicted and actually deflected a little less then expected.