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Summer 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Roger Beardsley


On-Demand Water Heater (for homebrewing systems)

By Jason Warenski (Engineering Technologies)

The on-demand water heater is being built for a home brewing system. The is intended to improve brewing process efficiency while reducing the footprint of the brewing equipment. The device contains a coil made from 3/8” soft copper tubing. The coil is inserted into a housing which is constructed of two 22-gauge stainless steel cylinders and a layer of ceramic insulation. Attached to the inlet and outlet of the coil are monitoring and control devices. On the inlet is a water flow meter which allows the user to monitor flow rate and total flow through the coil. On the outlet of the device is a ball valve (used to control the flow through the coil) and an inline thermometer. This allows the user to monitor and control the temperature to the desired temperature. Mounted under the housing/ coil devices is a 55,000 BTU propane burner. The burner is capable of increasing water flowing at 0.5 gpm from 55ºF to 195ºF instantly. The entire system has mounting brackets attached to it to allow it to be easily connected to the collapsible beer rack system. In the end, the control of this system allows a homebrewer to provide the right amount of mash, sparge, and cleaning water at the proper temperature and flow while consuming much less time and energy than current homebrewing systems.