Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Ethan Bergman


The objective is to create a leveling system that will be incorporated onto a platform which houses a mobile wind turbine used in agricultural applications. There are two approaches that were tested to arrive at a solution that would extend two concentric steel beams outwards and retract them. The first method involved a centralized hydraulic reservoir and braided oil lines leading to a charged shock that will be attached to different parts of the beams allowing for lateral movement. The second method utilizes an altered design from the boom of a crane truck, using a cable driven extension system and a spring return system. The most important variable in our project was creating a scaled down model that would serve as a proof of concept that would convince the manufacturing company also working on the project that this would be a smart investment. Apart from the potential ecological damage that could be created by the use of hydraulic fluid but also the scope and budget of this project, the latter design was chosen. The completion of this project within the projected design criteria will enable farmers who are not able to afford permanent wind moving structures the ability to save their crops during cold weather scenarios without spending excessive amounts of money.