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Summer 2017


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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This paper is about generating electricity while exercising on a stationary bike. Our objective is to utilize the lost power in gym`s bikes to supply commonly used electronic devises on campus. Mechanical energy produced by workout will be used to charge students’ laptops, tablets, cellphone, and other small electrical devices. This project will be helpful to reduce the usage of electricity and also to people who are in need for electrical power. The focus of this paper is the drive train part of the project. Timing pulleys and a timing belt were used to transmit the angular movement of the tire of the bike to the DC motor that would be charging the 12V battery. The first pulley is attached to a 3in rubber tire, which is making contact with the tire of the bike. Therefore, it will rotate when the tire of bike is rotating. Then, the angular movement of the tire will be transmitted by the timing belt to the pulley that is attached to the motor. This system will make the motor rotates at 2256RPM when someone pedaling the bike at 44RPM. With that being said, the motor will supply .88 amps at 2256 RPM. Therefore, the motor takes 7 hours to give the battery a full charge when it is empty. The battery can charge about 5.3 iPhones at 7 AH capacity before it is need to be recharged.