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Spring 2016


Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Charles Pringle

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Roger Beardsley

Third Committee Member

Dr. Craig Johnson


OEM spare-tire wells have size limitations that only allow up to a certain size tire. However, the OEM tire well is not effective for the off-road enthusiast that needs an extra over size tire in case of an emergency. While off-roading it is important to be equipped with all the necessary tools and parts to get out safely because there is no roadside assistance off-road. The Jeep WJ is not a popular off road vehicle which means aftermarket accessories are not common. In order to optimize the space inside and out of the vehicle, a device is needed that will allow for the trunk space, roof rack, and trailer hitch to be free for other accessories. This device must carry an oversize spare tire, a gas tank, and at least two bikes.

Thus, the objective of this project is to use skills gained in the Mechanical Engineering Technology curriculum at Central Washington University in order to design, build, and test a device that will solve this problem while optimizing available solutions. This problem was solved by the use of a curt trailer hitch multi-use receiver and the construction of a multipurpose spare tire carrier that mounts into the multi use receiver.

This project was successful because it solved the problem and successfully carried an oversize spare tire, a gas can, and two bikes while being able to attach a trailer to the ball. The device was also successful because it was under the size and weight limitations.


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