Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2019

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



Committee Chair

Dr. Craig Johnson

Second Committee Member

Dr. John Choi

Third Committee Member

Professor Charles Pringle


A more efficient manufacturing process is needed to create the approximately 30 MET medallions, given to the graduating class. The process must be repeatable, consistent, and efficient. The objective is to create a method that can remain the same year to year, save time, and be repeated by anybody. Two approaches were developed: a casting method, and a machining method involving a computer numerically controlled (CNC) mill. The casting method began with a match plate was developed by attaching 3D printed models and runners to plywood. The design was evaluated before the pour using SolidCast software. Special attention was directed at the runners to see if they would solidify before the medallion being fully filled. Melted aluminum was poured into the cavity that the match plate left in the sand packed flask. The machining method cut and faced blanks from a 3.5 diameter round using a horizontal band saw and a lathe. Various tools in the CNC mill were used to create the design. While both methods created successful products, the processes were less efficient than originally estimated. The machining method took four more hours than predicted, and the casting method took one hour more than expected. However, more improvements could be made to improve the efficiency in future methods.

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Manufacturing Commons