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The main purpose of this article is to challenge the normative ideal of public relations, usually shaped by a Western perspective, highlighting there is a broad typology of non-Western PR models, which are the norm across the world. This article emphasizes how public relations principles of excellence are not only exceptionally met but also suggests that Western public relations can learn from the rest of the world about, for example, how personal relations can enrich the profession. Using a qualitative method, this paper compares two populated countries with large economies, China and Mexico. The main finding of the article is that there are important forces, such as patronage relationships and economic structures, which place limitations on the trend toward homogenization in how the public relations discipline is understood, as well as in the convenience and even need of looking for a set of universal public relations standards.


This article was originally published Open Access in Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal. The full-text article from the publisher can be found here.


Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal

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