Effects of Attribute Control Charts on Organizational Performance

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The gap between the popularity of Statistical Process Control tools and research demonstrating efficacy of these tools is discussed, and a study that contributes to closing this gap is presented. The metal weight yield of “good” product from raw metal weight input into a production process was measured before and after the introduction of a Statistical Process Control tool among workers. This was in conjunction with a change to more localized decision-making based on readings produced by using the Statistical Process Control tool. Practically and statistically significant improvements in metal yield were associated with the application of the attribute chart and change in locus of decision-making based on readings produced by using the chart. Improvements in metal yield implied the cost savings estimated and reported in the study. Although the results support the effectiveness of SPC as a quality improvement tool, establishing a causal relationship will require the use of more rigorous research designs than the AB design used in this study.


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Journal of Organizational Behavior Management