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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2016

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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Studies

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John A. Ball

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Michael Johnson

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George Bellah


The Ubu Repertory Theatre Script Collection, which is located in the archives at New York University, contains numerous manuscripts in the French language from dramatists all over the world. One of those manuscripts, La fiancée du printemps by Mohammed Dib, is my own translation of the text from French into English, now titled Spring’s Bride. The text operates as a plea for postcolonial solidarity in the face of an increasingly fragmented community. The characters of the play must confront their deeply held beliefs and their possible destructive power. The translation of this text presents the postcolonial perspective to an Anglophone audience. Using Patrice Pavis’ conceptions of mise en scène as a process that mediates between a source culture and a target culture, the translation also operates as a continuation of Ubu Repertory Theatre’s intercultural mise en scène between Francophone-African dramatists and the American culture in which those plays were staged.