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Graduate Project

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Steven Schmitz

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R. Bowers

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Y. Amos


This study examined the dual language model of bilingual education available to students at Pioneer Elementary in Sunnyside, Washington. There are a variety of bilingual education, Spanish and English, programs currently used throughout the United States. The effectiveness of student's academic success is based on the bilingual education program they participate in, which has been a long-standing debated topic. Recently new and innovative bilingual education programs such as dual-language models have been introduced and implemented into many classrooms. There is significant scholarly debate regarding the efficacy of dual language education programs. It is possible that the debate is centered on the fact that when implementing bilingual programs the strengths and weaknesses of the models are exposed, as in all facets of education. This study explored one school's consistency and fidelity to the dual-language model used at Pioneer Elementary and some consequences that resulted from the implementation of the program.