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Graduate Project

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Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

Andrea Sledge

Second Committee Member

C. Butterfield

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G. Goss


This handbook was designed for teachers in a third-to-fourth grade looping classroom. The lessons integrate reading and writing, and the second year (fourth grade) builds upon skills and strategies introduced in the first year (third grade). The third grade set of lessons focuses study on animals while the fourth grade set of lessons focuses on biographies. The handbook contains a OLE/Lesson plan matrix, information for teachers before beginning both sets of lessons, twelve third grade lessons, thirteen fourth grade lessons, and extension activities for both animals and biographies. The final section in the handbook is an appendix that contains every worksheet needed to complete the lessons. Current literature and research regarding child development, various organizational structures in classrooms, looping, learning to read versus reading to learn, and the importance of nonfiction in the elementary classroom were reviewed.