Graduate Project Title

Understanding Aging

Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Summer 1983

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

A. Howard

Second Committee Member

Darwin Goodey

Third Committee Member

Lillian Clark Canzler


In Cashmere Middle School, educators were aware that students needed guidance in many different areas, such as "self-understanding, positive self-concept, successful social relationships, good study ski l l s and positive attitudes toward school, faculty, and community'' (Advisor/Advisee - A Guidance Program, 1981) . A set of objectives was devised to meet these needs. the following:

1) Students will develop a positive self concept.

2) Students will recognize their community responsibilities.

3) Students will learn interpersonal skills while working toward group goals.

4) Students will realize that their behavior, attitude and participation in all advisory activities does have meaning and is important to their development as a person.

In an effort to accomplish these and other objectives, advisory groups within Cashmere Middle School participate in a variety of activities and projects. This particular project was developed in an effort to satisfy the previously mentioned objectives. The focus was primarily upon the objective, that students will realize their community responsibilities. However, the project was also an answer to a particular need within the community to provide volunteer service in aiding the elderly at the Cashmere Convalescent Center. The term "volunteer service" as used by this researcher is meant to mean any service freely rendered by students in an effort to meet a need or needs of their community. This project has value for at least two reasons. One is that it involves middle school students in volunteer service. Two is that the individuals being served are the elderly.