Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Fall 1991

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

Timothy W. Young

Second Committee Member

Franklin D. Carlson

Third Committee Member

Sam Rust, Jr.


The project describes and analyzes the Alternative School program of the Yakima (WA) School District. The project reviews the nine components that make up the alternative programs for the Yakima School District: (1) Stanton, (2) Outreach, (3) Project 107, (4) MAS, (5) The Place, (6) Detention Home, (7) Crossroads, (8) Key-OIC and (9) Stride. The project will identify the critical attributes of each program in an effort to clearly understand how they each promote the educational growth of high risk students in grades 9-12. Techniques, instructional materials and educational resources used by teachers and students will be discussed.