Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Winter 1993

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

Timothy W. Young

Second Committee Member

Franklin D. Carlson

Third Committee Member

Calvin Greatsinger


This project was designed for the sixth grade classes at North Tapps Middle School in the Dieringer School district, Sumner Washington. It was designed as an exploratory class and will last one quarter or 45 school days. All sixth grade students will participate in this class during one quarter of the year. This course is broken into 7 units, with each unit being approximately five school days. The units are: 1) Time Management, 2) Study Habits Awareness, 3) SQ4R, 4) Skimming and Scanning, 5) Outlining and Note Taking, 6) Following Directions, Using Context Clues, and Dictionary Skills, and 7) Test Taking Skills. It was developed with the collaboration of other sixth grade teachers, staff, and our building principal.