Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Summer 1994

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

Andrea Bowman

Second Committee Member

Bobby Jean Cummings

Third Committee Member

Franklin D. Carlson


The purpose of this project was to promote multicultural education within middle school classrooms. My intent was to provide an accessible means by which other educators could incorporate or supplement their current nine month curriculums with diverse multicultural activities for students in grades 6-8. This multicultural guide was developed around an integrated curriculum. The themes or objective areas focused on the curriculum areas of Social Studies, English, Multicultural Awareness and Art. Most of all, this resource guide was developed for the purpose of providing students additional opportunities to recognize and experience differences through a positive interactive approach. This project was also developed to encourage educators of Science, Math, Physical Education, as well other academic areas, to pursue activities in the development of multicultural education.