Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Summer 2002

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

Lee A. Plourde

Second Committee Member

Osman Alawiye

Third Committee Member

Harold S. Williams


The use of literature and content-based readings in the secondary ESL classroom was researched. The research suggests that providing second language learners with meaningful readings that provide for comprehensible input will build schema and background knowledge that will help them to be successful in their content area classes. A handbook for educators was created to supplement the existing curriculum, as well as to show readers that this type of supplemental reading handbook can be created by anyone to be used with any type of ESL curriculum. This handbook contains both literature and content-based resources that coincide with the themes and topics provided by the In Contact 1 curriculum, published by Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.