The hyporheic zone is the region of sediment under a stream where water from the stream flows before returning to the stream itself. Many studies focus on steady water flow through this region, however, in natural systems, water levels and water flow rates change due to storms, tides, dams, or melting snow. To investigate flow under unsteady conditions, we built a system that allows us to control the water level and thus the flow rates. We used a pressure sensor that is connected to an Arduino board to measure the water level. The Arduino board uses the measured pressure value to control a water pump. When the water level is lower than desired, the pump will turn on and when it is higher than desired, it will turn off. This allowed us to hold the water level constant or tell it to oscillate. We then evaluated our system by comparing our desired water level functions to those measured with our pressure sensor, those measured by a pressure transducer connected to a separate Arduino, and those we extracted from videos of our system.Faculty Sponsor: Susa H. Stonedahl

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