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Rodi Steinig, M.Ed., is the Founding Director of the Talking Stick Math Circle, Director of Mentoring for the National Association of Math Circles, and Co-Author — with Rachel Steinig — of the book Math Renaissance. She wants to awaken children’s inner mathematicians, to shepherd the unfolding of their abstract reasoning, and to disabuse them of the notion that math is about memorizing a bunch of facts and algorithms.

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Many people want to facilitate Math Circles for younger students but don’t know how. This article provides a model for how to create an engaging Math Circle for students aged 8-10 to explore different number bases and gives a detailed narrative to guide prospective instructors through the class. The narrative follows a group of eight students spending six weeks joyfully discovering underlying mathematical structure without being told what to do.

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The Talking Stick Math Circle was created for K-12 students in 2011. It meets at Talking Stick Learning Center in Philadelphia, PA. For more information, visit https://talkingsticklearningcenter.org/programs/math-circle/ or contact rodi@talkingsticklearningcenter.org.

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This is an article used for understanding background material. This article is no longer available to view online as the website no longer exists.