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Thomas J. Clark (tom.clark@dordt.edu) received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He is an associate professor of mathematics at Dordt University. He is active in scholarship and service in the SOTL and Math Circles communities. A former high school teacher, he is committed to improving math education through outreach and by working to improve the preparation of teachers. He is also an avid board game player, especially enjoying those with interesting mathematical connections.


The efficacy of stipends in drawing new teachers to participate in math teachers' circle and encouraging previous participants to attend meetings regularly was investigated in this study. A kickoff event was planned to start the year with more fanfare than usual. Stipends were advertised for teachers who attended at least three meetings. Matched pairs data analysis and survey results were used to investigate the observed increase in attendance.

Description of Program

Northwest Iowa Math Teachers' Circle

Hosted by Dordt University, Sioux Center, IA


Director: Thomas J. Clark, tom.clark@dordt.edu