Journal of Math Circles

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Anne M. Ho is a Senior Lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee. Her areas of interest include projects which bridge mathematics, research, the practice of teaching, and building community. She is currently a member of the Tennessee Eastern and Appalachian Math Teachers’ Circle.

Jaime J. McCauley is Associate Professor of Sociology at Coastal Carolina University. Her primary areas of specialization are social inequality, social change, and environmental sociology. Her work has been featured in academic journals such as Sociological Focus, Sociological Spectrum, and Our Schools/Our Selves.

Tara T. Craig is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in Mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin. She is a Texas Mindset Initiative (TxMI) Fellow and Provost’s Teaching Fellow. Her research interests explore the effect of inquiry-based, active learning math curriculum on historically underrepresented students’ collegiate success.


This article describes the design process behind various iterations of Prejudiced Polygons, a Math Circles activity about segregation. In particular, we frame our discussion around two guiding principles from User Experience (UX) Design in thinking about the interconnected components of a Math Circles session, which includes all the people, the physical or virtual setting, the technology, and the world context. Additionally, we describe how we think about developing a “low floor" and “high ceiling" for math content, social issues content, as well as technology and access.