Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Fall 2016

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



Committee Chair

David McLemore

Second Committee Member

Mark C. Samples


In this creative thesis, I compose and perform a six movement art composition for tuba and piano. The reason for this performance and composition is two-fold. First, I am able to express myself in a way that other methods do not allow. Second, I reinforce important skills that will be vital in my future teaching career. To create the composition, I use various compositional methods, but I mainly adjust the composition by listening to it using piano and online compositional software. Preparing the composition for performance requires that I practice for multiple hours and find an accompanist who will perform with me. In the following thesis, I will also include an analysis of pedagogical techniques in the realm of music education. This analysis includes validation of music composition as an effective teaching technique as well as a higher form of self-expression in the field of music education.