Adoptable Copyright Policy: Copyright Policy and Manuals Designed for Adoption by Schools, Colleges & Universities

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This book was written to help educational institutions and their faculty and students meet the responsibilities of U.S. copyright law. Part I is a model board policy written for large or small school district or college and university boards. The policy can be modified to meet specific needs. Part II contains the details and procedures applying to faculty use of copyrighted material, designed as a manual that can be changed to meet changing needs without requiring board approval. This part includes: (1) an overview of copyright law; (2) a synopsis of the law as it applies to commonly-used media; (3) a description of the role of an institutional copyright officer who can manage the details of the law and provide staff training; (4) a quick guide to the copyright law for faculty; and (5) information on how to obtain permission for duplicating copyright materials. Part III, which is written by Jerome K. Miller, is an adoptable student copyright manual. Appendixes include accepted guidelines for classroom copying of print materials, music, broadcast programming, and software; guidelines for photo-copying for interlibrary loans; permission forms; addresses of selected institutions granting copyright permission; and selected passages from the copyright law.


This book was originally published by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.


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