Accessibility Education: A New Certificate and Undergraduate Minor in Accessibility Studies

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Conference Presentation

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Educational Foundations and Curriculum

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The laws and principles of accessibility apply to everyone. We must all be conscious of the environment in which we all struggle to function, and we must see ourselves as sharing similar user experiences whether chronically, temporarily, or situationally. Therefore, every undergraduate, no matter what the major, would benefit from basic accessibility education for both personal and professional development. The Accessibility Studies Program focuses on the general knowledge that all public venues must use to successfully engage the range of abilities present in society, rather than rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities. The larger goal is to increase awareness and acceptance as well as advocacy skills. This interactive session will outline the justification used to persuade the university to offer the program, the scope and sequence of courses, examples of assignments and resources, and samples of capstone projects representing a great range of majors and careers.


This conference presentation was originally presented at the 2018 Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference.