Resources for Teaching Accessible IT

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Conference Presentation

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Center for Teaching and Learning

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Many Accessing Higher Ground attendees—in part to address diversity and equity issues or to meet their campus obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and its 2008 Amendments—struggle to encourage IT companies to make their products accessible to individuals with disabilities. On the other hand, some companies are complaining that they cannot find computing and IT professionals that know how to design accessible products. Presenters and panelists will share how accessibility/inclusive/universal design topics can be integrated into your computing/IT course or how you can encourage faculty in these fields to include these topics in their courses. They will bring in perspectives and promising practices from the field. Discussions will be facilitated to explore key issues related to promoting the teaching of inclusive design strategies in computing and IT courses at all levels, but particularly in postsecondary environments. Resources will also be shared.


This conference presentation was originally presented at the 2018 Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference.