Teaching Nice People to Hate Managing: The Impact of Non-anonymous Peer Review on Student Confidence at Reviewing

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Winter 2015


Non-anonymous performance reviewing is a critical skill for management and teamwork. We aimed to clarify the relationship between this experience, personality (using the Big Five personality scale), and change in efficacy towards giving direct feedback (ΔETGDF). University students in the intervention section of a matched pair of courses were tasked with providing non-anonymous evaluations of peer work impacting the targets grade over a series of assignments. ΔETGDF was positively related to conscientiousness and openness, but inversely to agreeableness. An interaction effect was observed where giving non-anonymous feedback reduced ΔETGDF in high agreeableness individuals, while increasing it in high conscientious individuals. This study reveals important relationships between personality, a students experience providing feedback to others, and the confidence towards providing it in the future.


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