Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Degree Completion


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

Steven Nourse

Second Committee Member

C. Gann

Third Committee Member

S. Schmitz


The purpose of this project was to justify the author's job as an instructional coach. The author was motivated by her own need to discover what an instructional coach was and how an instructional coach positively affects teacher instruction and student achievement. This project includes ideas and tools that beginning instructional coaches can use with teachers in an elementary school setting. A review of the literature was included on the effects of coaching on teacher efficacy and the effects teachers and coaches have on student achievement. This project examined the roles of the instructional coach and it provides a guide that will aid them in their work with elementary teachers. The purpose of this project was also to provide background information on the importance of coaching for professional development and to identify how teachers can utilize coaches to improve classroom instruction. A coaching cookbook was included for beginning coaches to use as they begin working with teachers. The cookbook contains "recipes" for instructional coaches to use and adapt to promote an atmosphere of professional learning based on the needs of the teachers and students with whom they are working.


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