The English Department offers two options for the Master of Arts degree:

Our graduate students are strongly supported both in their academic studies and professional development, as evidenced by their conference presentations, grant awards, and publications (see Student News & Notes ). They also support each other academically and personally through workshops, poetry readings, and other social events sponsored by the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA).

Our alumni teach in private and public secondary schools, colleges, universities, and English language institutes (in the U.S. and abroad), work in publishing, creative writing, the non-profit sector, and private industry. M.A. graduates have also been accepted to many outstanding Ph.D. and MFA programs, including Texas A & M, Florida State University, University of Houston, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Southern Illinois University, University of Rhode Island, Carnegie Mellon University, University of New Hampshire, University of Idaho, and Marquette University.

This collection features theses from Master of Arts students in the Department of English Graduate Programs at Central Washington University.


Theses from 2016


Illustrations of Nepantleras: Bridge Making Potential in Ana Castillo's So Far From God and The Guardians, Amanda Patrick


Satire and Synthesis: Parody and Satire of Victorian Education in the Works of Lewis Carroll, Cameron D. Sedlacek

Theses from 2015


Moving Foward?: Problematic Ideologies in Twenty-First Century Fairy Tale Films, Alyson Kilmer


Dystopian Cinderellas: "I Follow Him into the Dark", Courtney Lear


Play and Procedural Rhetoric in Composition Coursework: A Rhetorical Analysis of Trivial Pursuit Instructions, Peter Rampa