An Integrative Evaluation Framework for Determining the Value of Group Decision Support Systems

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Group-based decision-making situations are relevant to engineering management practice. To assist group decision making, specialized computer-based tools called Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) have been promoted since the late 1980s. Nevertheless, a review of the extensive research on GDSS design and evaluation reveals that an integrated framework is not available to evaluate the decision-making value of a specific GDSS. This article proposes a GDSS-value evaluation framework by considering the process of, and outcomes from, decision making together with the technical capabilities needed to provide them. The framework is implemented with an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) model, and its utilization is illustrated with the evaluation of three real GDSS applications. This integrative GDSS-value evaluation framework can be used by engineering managers as a tool to determine the overall decision-making value from an existing or projected GDSS with the aim of selecting the most adequate GDSS for a particular engineering management group-based decision-making situation.


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