The Effectiveness of Peer Review and Preparation of Teacher Candidates for the edTPA

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Currently, limited research has been conducted examining the effect of peer review on preparing teachercandidates for standardized assessments. Peer review is often an integral component of providing feedback to enhance depth and rigor in academic writing. This study analyzed the impact on student learning by utilizing peer review as a formative assessment tool. Two similar populations were included to represent the sample of participants, all attending a capstone senior requirement class at a four-year institution of higher learning. The control group was instructed in absence of formative assessment from peers. The experimental group received the same instruction with the addition of formative assessment in the form of peer review. Success of peer review was based on the comparison of edTPA scores, a consequential performance evaluation for teacher candidates. The conclusion of the study showed that peer review did not make a significant difference in edTPA scores


This article was originally published in National Teacher Education Journal.

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