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The need for new conceptions of the process of evaluation of pupil growth during the public school period has been emphasized in educational literature in recent years. The gist of these articles is the need for a process which measures individual pupil development in ALL areas of personal and social growth. The avowed objectives of the educational program, so these articles argue, should show a close correlation with the evaluation program. A "lag" usually exists between advanced, or even accepted, thinking and actual practice. Do the public schools show such a lag in the practices of evaluation? If such a lag exists, what factors and conditions account for it? Specifically, what are the common practices of evaluation in the elementary schools of Washington state? Is change or improvement needed? Are theory and practice clearly correlated in this state? To secure objective data on these questions, the authors of this article initiated an investigation of evaluation practices in the elementary schools of two western counties in Washington. This article presents a summarization and interpretation of the most pertinent data.


This article was originally published in Washington Education Journal.


Washington Education Journal

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